Month: November 2010

And the Winner Is….

Congratulations to Stacey Brown– she is the winner of the eBags Holiday Travel Giveaway! She is the recipient of the Caribbean Joe 3 piece hardside luggage set from

Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set

When asked what bag, backpack, or piece of luggage was her favorite, Stacey responded:

“The Mother Lode mini-wheeled duffel is my favorite. With a toddler on my hip, I can’t balance a backpack, and this duffel holds everything I need to have within easy reach on a flight. LOVE IT!!”

Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorite eBags products with us!

Holiday Travel Giveaway from eBags!

It’s time to start thinking about Holiday travel! To make it a little easier (and more fun) our good friends at eBags are giving one lucky Tea fan a Caribbean Joe 3 piece hardside luggage set – perfect to take you to family gatherings throughout the season (and beyond).

Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set

Caribbean Joe Malibu Luggage Set

The Caribbean Joe Malibu 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set protects your belongings with the enhanced durability of the 4-corner riveted protective shells.  The set includes 20”, 24” and 28” cases made from flexible ABS composite material in eye-popping colors.  The 4 wheel spinner system provides the smoothest and most effortless movement for your life on the go.

To enter, please share your favorite bag, backpack, or piece of luggage as a comment on this contest post. Be sure to tell us why you love it and include the link to your favorite item in your blog comment. The contest runs for two days–from 11/10-11/11. The randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday morning.


The Paintings of Emerik Feješ


Emerik Fejes was a Serbo-Croatian painter well known for his simplistic depictions of architecture and cities. Part of the “naive art” movement, Fejes’s work is almost childish in nature, using bold colors and thick solid lines. Unconventional in his techniques, he chose to use matchsticks to paint instead of paintbrushes.



A button and comb maker, Fejes didn’t start painting until later in life, and drew much of his inspiration from postcards. When visiting Hungary you can apparently find many of his works in miniature, on postcards themselves! I really enjoy his work, and his use of cheerful colors and warped depths of field. Obviously slightly eccentric, he is also rumored to paint with a cat under one arm.  I love that when researching him, the only biographical photo I could find of the artist is this one below :


The Maramures

Maramures is an old county in Northwestern Romania. Largely rural and agricultural, Maramures has held onto traditional farming and lifestyle methods, choosing to use manual labor to plow their fields and harvest their crops. Fine detailed handiwork is valued – and results in stunning embroidered fabrics, beadwork, carpet weaving and wood carvings. The cultural traditions of the Maramures region date back to before the Renaissance era, and have been carefully nurtured and preserved, and handed down through generations.

This season our designers were greatly influenced by a common item of traditional dress worn by Maramurian women and girls – a traditional red and black striped dress or skirt.


Honored as traditional garb for girls and women of all ages, you will still find variations on this style and pattern across the region.


This season our designers took a modern approach to this inspiration, and created our Maramures Dress:



With its bold black and red stripes, and its ability to be layered with warm leggings and cozy mocknecks, this dress is perfect for the winter and holiday season.


Great Week for Conservation

Today is the first day of Orangutan Awareness week and next Saturday is it the first ever International Red Panda Day!  These two animals are very dear to me.  I spent 2 months volunteering with orphaned orangutans in Malaysian Borneo and since moving to the Bay Area I often volunteer with the Red Panda Network.  And seriously, have you ever seen an animal cuter than these two little orange beauties?


The top photo is of Walter, the first red panda I ever saw.  He lives at the Bronx Zoo. (Photo by my lovely sister Laura).  That little guy on the bottom is Sen, he was only a five months old when I first went to Borneo, I fed him his first banana.  He is very special.  I miss that little sucker. (Photo by Beddy Tiun, a Ranger at Sabah Wildlife Department).

It’s a great opportunity to teach your children about wildlife and what we can do to protect them.

Here’s a list of some things you can do:

1.  Download the Red Panda Activity pack and help your child become a Red Panda Ranger:  Download here

2.  Visit your local zoo. Follow these links to find a zoo near you with Red Pandas.

3.  Have your family wear orange on Wednesday November 10th, 2010 for ORANGE FOR ORANGUTANS.  If you don’t have any orange Tea can help with that:  Motoring Graphic Tee, Bicycle Tee, Bandana Lace Print Dress, Autumn Leaves Banded Dress.

4.  I put together some “Orangutan Facts for Kids” after doing a presentation for my sisters second grade class. There’s lots of good information about what candy to avoid and FAQ’s from then 2nd graders.

5.  Adopt a Red Panda or an Orangutan.  Its a great way to support a good cause and fun to get letters and updates on the animal you are helping.   The orangutan link I included is to adopt Sen (pictured above).

Let us know what activities you decide to do with your kids!

Food with Faces



Our neighbors in San Francisco, Mod Cloth, featured a great interview on their blog recently with Stephanie Baum on her company Steff Bomb. Her handcrafted plush food characters contain so much personality, and I love how she can take something as abstract as a giro and give it a face and persona.



Everybody looks a little worried…perhaps because they’re about to be eaten?


Check out some really fun interviews with Stephanie about her creative process here and here.