Month: March 2011

The Designs of Sita Murt

Sita Murt is a contemporary Spanish fashion designer. Born into a family of leather tanners, she now is the head of Esteve Aguilera (a designer knitwear company). Sita’s whole life has been surrounded by fashion, and as soon as her four children were grown she began designing her own line. Her women’s designs are young and airy, using lightweight fabrics.


Above is a film from Sita’s blog showcasing a dress from her latest line to celebrate spring. In her words, it is “a film that portrays, with all the simplicity, the immense power of spring, the driving force of life.”

Random Acts of Inspiration: Ink Calendar

This calendar, created by Spanish designer Oscar Diaz, uses the capillary action of paper to draw ink out of the bottle. Designed to migrate across the sheet daily, the ink fills in each set of numbers with color to represent each day of the month. Different months are represented by a range of colors – greens and yellows in Spring, and reds in Summer. The ink calendar has been exhibited at various design shows around Europe – I wish it was actually in production!

Una Luz Diminuta Surgió De La Nada


We found this beautifully illustrated children’s book on our trip to Spain. I wish I could tell you what it’s about, but it is VERY long and all in Spanish. I made up my own story based on the illustrations: There was a quirky scientist, who loved the beauty of nature and machinery. He discovered a way to create creatures that were half machine and half nature – but not in a freaky sci-fi kind of way – in a perfect symbiosis.

We especially loved these tables of some of his creations.



We decided to create our own creatures. We played the idea of a stilt walking tiger and a gear horse:


But finally decided that a heli-phant was the best choice.


Elefante Romper

Elsa Schiaparelli and Dalí’s: Lobster Dress

Elsa Schiaparelli was a prominent Italian designer who was heavily influenced by surrealism. She collaborated many times with Salvador Dalí.


Their most famous collaboration was the Lobster Dress (above), which has inspired a new generation of lobster dresses.


The Rodnik Band (2011)


Betsey Johnson (2010)


Heal Fashion Lab (2009)


Alexander McQueen (2009)


David Szeto (2004)

Subconciously Inspired by Surrealism

I had a hard time figuring out how to draw inspiration from Surrealism while designing this line. I thought it was especially important to touch on surrealism as two of Spain’s most influence artists were surrealists – Dalí and Miró. I designed a turtle and tiger graphic, but in the end I didn’t feel they were really representing surrealism. But months later I found artwork by Dalí that was really similar to the graphics I designed!  I was not familiar with any of these works, and they aren’t in the style I would typically associate with Dali:


Above: Dalí’s The Mock Turtle’s Story and Tea’s Tortuga Graphic Tee.


Above: Dalí’s Cinqenta, Tigre Real, Tea’s Tigre Graphic Tee

By looking at so much Spanish artwork, I was influenced of all the broken tiles and the fragmented shapes of Cubism; perhaps that’s what inspired Dalí’s work as well!