Month: June 2011

Tea’s Fall 2011 Open Studio

Last Thursday we launched a brand new event for Tea –  we invited local bloggers and media to our headquarters in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, to give them a sneak peek of our Fall 2011 Back to School line before it’s released later this summer.

Our invite list included fashion bloggers,  parenting bloggers, writers for local media like Red Tricycle and SFGate, and representatives from local mother’s groups such as Southern Marin Moms. We welcomed them to our showrooms to share margaritas with us and meet some of the team at Tea. They chatted with the founders of the company, and had the opportunity to hear the design inspiration and outfitting messages of our Fall 2011 line directly from our designers and merchants.

And we all had a blast! It was a great opportunity to network and meet people face-to-face whose blogs we all read and love.

(above) Alix from Modern Kiddo explores our new line

(above) Amy Graff from SFGate shows off an outfit she styled

We made a lot of new friends and loved the opportunity to show off our upcoming collection, which will be appearing in stores and online in the next few weeks. The destination hasn’t officially been announced yet, but if you look closely at the photos above and below you may be able to guess where we went…

(above) Maria from Geekymummy and Nancy Davis Kho from Normalarkey talk to Leigh Rawdon, co-founder of Tea

(above) Megan Flatt and Jessica Edelen from Southern Marin Moms

Michelle and Nuala, organizers of Tea’s Open Studio

To all the bloggers who attended the event – we loved having you! Thank you for helping us make our first Tea Open Studio a huge success.

World Oceans Day

Today is World Ocean’s Day!  Show your commitment to protecting the oceans by sporting tees featuring our favorite marine animals:

ocean shirts

images credits: Pelican, La Pelica Graphic Tee, Cangrejo Graphic Tee, Crab Swimming in Blue Water by Sami Sarkis, Turtle in the Sea, Tortuga Graphic Tee, Tiburon Graphic Tee, Tiger Shark by Roger Horrocks

What else can you to help the oceans?  It’s easy, just remember the 7C’s (Seven Seas, get it? ha!):

1.)Commit to making a real difference

2.) Conserve in my home

3.) Consume consciously

4.) Communicate my interests and concerns

5.) Challenge myself daily

6.) Connect in my community

7.) Celebrate our Ocean!

Here are some great ideas to get kid’s involved!

Random Acts of Inspiration: The Burning House

The Burning House” is an art project started by Foster Huntington. After posting a photo of what he would save if his house was burning, he got such a strong response that he began recruiting friends to photograph what objects are most precious to them. If running out of a burning house, what would they grab? I have to admit it’s something that regularly crosses my mind (to the point where all my photo negatives are boxed up in a bag near the door).

The McMillans

In Foster’s words “If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.”

Laura Pritchard

One element that really stood out to me in all these images is how many pieces of clothing are included. Shoes, shirts, football jerseys…so many people have a sentimental relationship with specific articles of clothing.

Henning Heide

What would you save? And what articles of clothing could you sentimentally not live without?

The Tiny Doors of San Francisco

A slow but constant buzz has started in San Francisco regarding a number of small doors that have popped up throughout the city.

It seems there’s a few different artists at work. The doors above are done by Jeff Waldman of the blog Where’s Waldman. Jeff states “The idea is to install small doors, unexplained portals, throughout the city. These doors are scaled down to a size that is cognitively possible but whimsically improbable. ”

The second type of doors are smaller and a little harder to spot – locals to the Noe Valley neighborhood are calling them “fairy doors”.

photo by Sally Smith

photo by Mike Adamick

photo by Pamela Girard

The origins of these doors are slightly more mysterious – no one has come forth yet as their creator, but they’ve been appearing around San Francisco off and on since 2009. Mike Adamick and his daughter Emmeline are experts at tracking down these fairy doors – to see more images visit Mike’s blog here and here.

What secrets does your city have?

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012

Oscar de la Renta’s outdone himself with his latest Resort 2012 Collection. Drawing inspiration from Spain’s cubist artists such as Picasso, his line celebrates bold patterns and geometric shapes, much like Tea’s current Catalonia-inspired collection.

We love the way he’s transformed this artistic movement into an edgy line of urban couture. Bright colors and textures are combined with simply-cut dresses to create a timeless collection.

There is so much inspiration to be drawn from art movements in Spain. Below are a few pieces of Tea’s interpretation of Cubism and Picasso’s art:

Above from left to right, Tea’s Picasso-inspired Songbird Banded Dress, Woodcut Bubble Dress, and Artista Wrap Dress.

Can you see the shared inspiration?