Month: August 2011

Random Acts of Inspiration: Awkward Family Photos

Every Monday at Studio T we showcase fashion and art projects we find inspiring. Have a look at our previous Random Acts of Inspiration here.

I love the Awkward Family Photos blog! It’s hysterical. My favorite part is how familiar they all feel.

I just uploaded the above photo to their site.  It’s my family vacation in Disney World. On the previous trip to Disney world, my sister Jenny (far right) got lost while chasing down Cinderella. These matching shirts were my mom’s plan to keep track of all of us. We all had 2 of these shirts and wore them for the entire vacation. I was almost ten and far to cool to be seen in matching outfits. Everyone kept thinking we worked on It’s A Small World (mortifying).

Jenny, a.k.a. Cinderella stalker, must have taken this photo because she’s not actually in it. I added her in photoshop a few years ago.

Inside Studio T: The Pond

Every Friday we share a weekly behind-the-scenes photo taken in our offices at Tea. This could be anything – great employee outfits, our sources of inspiration, shots from our parties, or photos of us hard at work. For more sneak peeks behind the scenes at Tea click here.

We have two offices at Tea, right across the street from one other. Our home base is located at 1 Arkansas Street, where we do all our thinking, designing, marketing, merchandising, and customer care. The second, affectionately called “T2”, is used for big meetings, hosting fun events for retailers or bloggers, and photo shoots. We love that T2 is in a building that mainly caters to architects, as it includes a huge landscaped courtyard garden. And in that garden? This pond, filled with goldfish. I love walking by it when commuting from office to office. Wouldn’t you?

weeDecor’s Tea-Inspired Wall Motifs

We’re happy to announce a new partnership – with our local friends weeDECOR! weeDECOR makes wall decals for nurseries and children’s rooms. Our designers collaborated with them to create the wall decals above (clockwise:  Whimsical Birds, Origami Elephant, Tori Bird & Flower, Origami Bird).

“Tea, a leader in children’s fashion, is well known for their gorgeous and sophisticated prints and colors. We are thrilled to turn those prints into wall decals for children’s rooms”, said Pam Webber, CEO and founder of weeDECOR.  “We are especially honored to work with a fellow San Francisco company to offer parents more eco-friendly decorating solutions in the prints and palettes they have known to love from Tea.”

All weeDECOR products are made with a biodegradable fabric, and are reusable if you want to move them from room to room.

We’re totally charmed by them – arem’t you?

Tea and Google Catalogs

We love our catalogs at Tea – preparing for them, deciding on a artistic direction based off of our destination, and working with our talented team of models.  Our print catalogs have evolved hugely over the past few years, and we are now taking the next step by offering digital options. At Tea we are all about being green, and what better way to do that than offer a web-based catalog for iPad users?

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce our new relationship with Google Catalogs (which just launched yesterday). Google Catalogs offers an innovative new approach to exploring catalogs. You can zoom in to see products up close, create collages of your favorite items, share products with friends, and subscribe to our catalog to be the first to see what’s being newly released.


Are you intrigued? We are. Visit Google Catalogs to learn more, and play with our new Fall Modern Mexico catalog in a whole new way. Happy shopping!

Lucha Libre Interior Design

We’re loving this Lucha Libre inspired nursery, made for little Kahlo Noel!

Kahlo’s mother Erika wanted to design a room that reflected her husband’s Mexican heritage, and that wasn’t all about animals like many nurseries. In her words “I think the hardest part, and it still is, is holding back from buying anything and everything with a luchador printed on it. I wanted the luchadores to be present in the room but not completely take over.”

Don’t you think our Lucha Libre hoodie would be the perfect match for this new little citizen?

found via the lovely ohdeedoh

Random Acts of Inspiration: My Mom, the Style Icon

Every Monday at Studio T we showcase fashion and art projects we find inspiring. Have a look at our previous Random Acts of Inspiration here.

Have you seen the blog “My Mom, the Style Icon“?  Amazing! It really makes me want to go through all my mom’s old photos – the ones I made fun of as a kid. Please share your favorite pictures of your moms!

ps Fellow San Francisco company Chronicle Books just released the My Mom, the Style Icon book.