January 20, 2012

Spring Fashion Report: Neon is in!

Spring fashion is filled with pops of neon shades from pinks to greens to purples and yellows.  We saw fashion runways everywhere explode with new ways express this bold statement.


Photo collage compiled from Pinterest.

We turned on the light and had a bright idea, so we filled our Spring collection with neons for every style. Our neon pink girls leggings will surely excite the fashionistas in your home, while our subtle green neon graphics will fit the cool style of your little guys. Whichever your taste, be sure to electrify your wardrobe with these fluorescent pops of color.

What do you think of the new neon trend? Tell us in the comments section below.



  1. Antonia says:

    I love it. I have always liked small splashes of neon to add some fun, especially for my kids :)

    1. Sara says:

      Neon is so much fun for kids! They can create their own flair by mixing and matching neon and neutral colors- perfect for every stylista! Thanks for stopping by Antonia!

  2. Jamie Underwood says:

    I LOVE that the neon trend is coming back. I vividly remember 5th grade and I was the neon queen. Here’s to hoping my girls love it just has much as I still do. Will you be added neon flare in your mom’s line?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. There are small pops of neon in our Spring collection for women, with colors including fluorescent pinks, purples, and oranges!

  3. Em says:

    I can’t think of any shade of neon color that is flattering on me or my kids. This is one of those trends we’ll be skipping.

    I’ll add that if my kids liked the colors, I wouldn’t have a problem buying for them. My sons just plain don’t like it and my daughter prefers deeper jewel tones.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Em! Neon isn’t for everyone. Luckily we’ll have plenty hues of blues, greens, purples and reds for your children in our spring collection. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    I love fashion trends, so I will definitely be adding a splash of neon for both my kids, as for me I’ll be skipping this trend. As far, the neons you are offering are gorgeous, especially the purity tees in orange and green.

    1. Sara says:

      The purity tees are going to be so fun to layer. For those who aren’t too convinced about introducing neon to their wardrobe, for boys you could layer the Long Sleeve Purity Tee in green flash under our Badak Hoodie. And for girls you could opt for the Ubud Ikat Dress which just has a touch of neon!

      Thanks for stopping by Carmen! We can’t wait to see the pictures of your children wearing our neon colors. Please be sure to share your pictures with us on facebook!

  5. Judith says:

    I am a child of the 80’! I love that my children will have neon in their pictures from childhood as well! Funny…

    1. Sara says:

      You’ll have to compare the pictures of you in the 80s in neon vs your kids now in neon! Thanks for stopping by Judith!

  6. moonsword says:

    Love it, especially on sun-drenched summer skin. I’d be hip-slappin’ happy in a John Bartlett Neon Yellow Tiny Tim Tank, cutoffs, New Balance WR890RG Rainbow Runners and a screamingly cool new Swatch and sporting Urbanears headphones. :)