Month: February 2012

Rock Out to Dara Puspita!

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, Bali Rocks! This little island known for its music was also home to one of the most famous rock bands you’ve never heard of, Dara Puspita.

Dara Puspita

Dara Puspita defied the norm by being the first all-female rock band who could both sing and play instruments all the while putting on wild stage shows. (We told you, Bali Rocks!!!) The band first formed in 1964 and continued occupying radio waves until 1972 when they played their last show. Dara Puspita revolutionized both music and culture in Bali, taking inspiration from both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, whose music was banned in Indonesia at the time. In a country overtaken by the music culture, in 2007 Dara Puspita was featured as #20 in the Indonesia Rolling Stones list of the top 150 Indonesian greatest albums of all time with their hit record Jang Pertama– quite a feat!

These ladies created some go-go inspired jams that will surely ignite your inner wild child.  Rock-out with your family and play some of Dara Puspita’s greatest hits for free here: These tunes are perfect for inspiring some arts and crafts, or better yet, listen to them when coloring Tea’s cultural activity printouts. Though, we will warn you, with these head-banging jams coloring time could easily turn into a dance party!

What’s your take? Will you and your family be listening to Dara Puspita?

Cultural Activity Printout: I Heart Bali

This week we showed you how to mix and match with the best of them- no color or pattern combination is off limits!  Today, we want you to take our print mixing lesson and let it inspire your art.  Color the Bali cultural activity printout below and show us how you play with colors and patterns!

cultural activity printoutDownload your “I Heart Bali”  cultural activity download.

Once you’re done, submit your creation to [email protected] for your chance to win a $100 Tea gift certificate! Every month, Tea staff will pick one artistic little citizen to win!  Honorable mentions will also be uploaded into their own featured blog post. Let your creative juices flow and show us how much you <3 Bali!

Behind the Design: Print Mixing

Behind the Design Wednesdays: Every week Tea writes about our designers’ inspiration for our current collection of clothing. Explore all of our Behind the Design posts.

On their inspiration trip, our designers experienced bold patterns and vibrant colors throughout the Balinese culture.

bali print mixing

The photos above were taken from our Bali inspiration trip.  To view more inspiration photos, visit our Flickr page.

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, so when it’s not raining it’s very dry and humid.  Therefore the locals wear lightweight cotton and silk which they’ll drape into sarong styles.  Their wardrobe isn’t limited to matching, as they’ll mix prints in order to style multiple bright colors and patterns.  In the Balinese culture, elaborate and ornate textiles symbolize status so the more eye-catching print mixing, the better!

With print mixing as this season’s latest trend, our designers jumped to the task of creating designs that incorporated the colorful Balinese spirit with the lovely patterns and textiles into our Spring collection.

poleng girls skirtPasar Vines Girls Dress









How inspired are you? Will you be including print mixing in your Spring wardrobe?