Ich Liebe Berlin! Isabelle’s Adventures in Berlin

To help everyone at Tea “go there,” we make a yearly contribution to each employee for international travel and exploration. Upon their return, our Tea travelers write blog posts to share their adventures with all of us (and the world).

Isabelle, who works in tech design, recently returned from a trip to Berlin. Check out her adventures!

Ich Liebe Berlin!
I knew that I would like Berlin when I got there but didn’t realize I would end up loving it so much. I had no idea that I could wind up feeling a tad jealous that my city wasn’t as cool. I didn’t know what to expect knowing its gloomy history but to my surprise it was incredibly colorful, inviting, hip, and full of tasty, not to mention inexpensive treats! It was only 22 years ago that the wall fell and the city has since then transformed itself into this Mecca for artists, designers, technology geeks  and of course Techno lovers! I felt welcome there and free to sit back, open up a container and enjoy the scenery.

Berlin Wall remnant at the East Side Gallery

So many inspiring quotes littered the city. I know I was on vacation but I couldn’t have felt more liberated there.

The walls were alive with art and graffiti everywhere I walked. Graffiti felt welcome as artistic expression more than a nuisance as it is viewed in other cities I’ve visited. From full on murals that were sky high to tiny scribbles on the wall, I don’t recall seeing much painted over.

Throngs of people show up every week at Mauer Park to get in on some Karaoke action. I wonder if anyone has ever sang a song by Berlin in Berlin?

Berlin style beer was as colorful as its people! Hanging out at a beer garden was a must while in Berlin. My favorite was the Biergarten at the Tiergarten. The pretzels were hot out of the oven and the mustard was the best I’ve ever had.

Flea Market fodder on Sundays at Mauer Park.

Photobooths were scattered everywhere in the city. The fact that I could capture a moment with my friends on a whim felt very exciting to me.

Art Gallery visit at Direktorenhaus to see a show by one of my favorite Swiss artist duos, Husmann/Tschaeni. I just happened to be there while they were in town for the weekend and met up with them for a drink on the canal. I couldn’t have been happier to meet the artists behind the art which so inspires me.

Sunset on the platform. The time has come to say Tschuss! (German for See ya!)  Don’t you worry Berlin, I plan on visiting you again.

Inside Studio T: Skull Tree Trunk

In honor of Dia de los Muertos next week check out this awesome skull someone painted on a tree trunk. This is actually just outside of Studio T, I saw it around the corner on my way to our local art store.

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Fall Tea Stylista Winner!

And the winner of the Fall Tea Stylista contest is….. Tatum from Eugene, Oregon!

We were so impressed by her distinct sense of style and use of accessories to personalize all her Tea outfits! Tatum describes her style as “fun, colorful, and unique” and she absolutely loves to accessorize her looks with scarves, boots, and jewelry. Her fashion influences are her mom, friends, and occasionally someone or something on TV or in a catalog will inspire her as well.

Tatum will be coming to San Francisco in December for a tour of the Tea studio and a personal photo shoot where she can showcase all her favorite Tea outfits! We’re so excited to meet her and can’t wait to congraulate her in person!

A big thanks to everyone who entered our Fall Stylista contest, we loved seeing everyone’s photos and all their creative Tea outfits!

Behind the Design: Mas De 62 Tee

62 languages Mexico

I saw this shirt in a shop in Seattle with some friends last weekend. They were joking and asking what “62” had to do with Mexico, not actually expecting a response.  I told them that there were more than 62 languages spoken in Mexico and they were rather impressed I had an interesting answer. They wanted to know where they could go to learn that kind of information about our designs.  I told them to stop being bad friends and read my blog posts!

People often ask me how long it takes to design a graphic. There is no straight forward answer for this.  Some graphics take days.  This one is one of those serendipitous graphics that took about 5 minutes and just worked.  Our designers happened to take a picture of hand painted house number “26” during the Mexico inspiration trip.  We loved the numbers and the concrete created a perfect texture. All I had to do was swap the order of the numbers and done!

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