Recommendation Submission

We would love for our readers to share tips and pointers that have helped in their own experiences with little citizens of the world.

• What are your favorite children’s books that feature images and stories from around the world?
• Have you stayed in a family friendly hotel that you would like to recommend?
• Are there websites that are useful for planning a trip with kids?
• What products can you recommend as must-haves for young globetrotters (or parents of young globetrotters!)?
• Have you seen a museum exhibit or music performance or another cultural event that introduced your child to another world culture?
• What are the best ethnic food choices for picky children?

If you have a recommendation, please forward it along to our editor at She will post a wide range of recommendations to share with our readers. It is our hope that we can all inspire each other to find new ways to bring a little bit of the world into the homes and lives of our children.

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