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October 27, 2010

Paintings by Schalle


In the spirit of celebrating Etsy artists from the region of Old World Hungary, here is another new favorite. Eszter Schall is a Hungarian painter, graphic designer, and illustrator. I love her bold use of colors and her use of squares.


Feeling lucky? The blog Pika Land is doing a giveaway of one of Schalle’s pieces on their site here.

October 22, 2010

Jewelry by Vadjutka


While exploring Etsy the other day I came across the fabulous creations of Judit Wild (Vadjutka). Born in Hungary, she lives in Budapest and is a jewelry maker, a photographer, blog writer, and sociologist who focuses on media research. In her words “Almost 20 years after the turn of the system in Eastern-Europe, arts and crafts business started to flourish – as well as civic society…. giving an inspiring atmosphere to work in.”

I find her jewelry fun and unusual, and I keep going back and forth about which piece I want. Although she’s in Hungary she does ship to the USA, and if you live in Budapest you can even have them hand delivered to your home!

If you want to see more of her work check out her Etsy page, or her personal website.

October 13, 2010

Potato Printing

Potato Print Monsters

With Halloween just around the corner, these potato print tees are a perfect activity to get everyone in the mood for costume making. Robin Rosenthal, a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Brooklyn, came up with a great blog post for creating these shirts at home. She shared her idea with LMNOP Magazine in their 12th issue.

Potato printing is great as it’s inexpensive, easy, and accessible for all ages. Potatoes absorb ink or paint surprisingly well, and can then be used to stamp onto just about anything, such as paper, fabric, or walls. To learn how to create shirts with your kids like ones above, click here. Potato printing can be done at any time of year with any theme or idea, but if you’re already cutting up pumpkins, why not add potatoes to the mix?



All photos by Ian MacPherson.

September 17, 2010

Blog Crush: Amateur Couture

Ahh!  I can’t get enough of this blog. Amateur Couture brilliantly pairs beautiful artwork with gorgeous fashions. My favorites are the ones that aren’t too obvious – just perfectly paired compliments. So gorgeous.

May Yang Artchris benz fall 2010

odilon redon flowers artflower girl

consellation by christine tillman etsytumblr

Kim Asendorfbalenciaga

Amy KligmanKarla Spetic

all images found on Amatuer Couture (click on images for original sources)

August 26, 2010

Nicolae Tonitza

While Laura and Emily were off exploring Old World Hungary, the rest of the design team went on our own inspiration trip to our local library.  It was a really fun and inspiring trip.  It was a great way for us to start making our own discoveries about the cultures of Old World Hungary.  I hope it becomes a Tea tradition – so that each season we can start our inspiration process at the library.

I decided to research fine art of the region and discovered  Nicolae Tonitza.  I loved the painterly floral and leaf patterned backgrounds.  The graphic dark circular eyes and dark line work is such an interesting contrast to the textural detail of the rest of the paintings.  He had an impressive ability to communicate emotion through his paintings. There is such a sweet innocence in his paintings of children, while his paintings of older women are much more somber.