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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Klee's Garten Skirted Dress

The colorful petals on these flowers are inspired by a painting done by Bauhaus artist Paul Klees.



Sizes 3-6 M to 12

Super Roboter Graphic Hoodie

This robot graphic is pure Bauhaus, made from shapes and primary colors we purely loved.



Sizes 3-6 M to 12

Hirschwald Graphic Baby Dress

Hirschwald (hersh-wald) means "deer forest," and it's also the name of a nature park in Bavaria, Germany.



Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Little Citizen Set

We believe in Little Citizens and know you do, too. When you show him all the wonder the world offers, dress him in Tea. Click on style names below for details.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Leela Button Tunic

This playful print is inspired by the idea of printing patterns on top of each other to make traditional patterns feel much more modern (a trend we saw all over India).


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Tarunika Stripe Baby Pants

Tarunika is an Indian girl's name that means "young girl." These cute pants are made to fit the youngest of little citizens just right.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Bandoola Stripe Pocket Romper

In 1944, elephants were used to help move heavy logs, build bridges, launch ships and carry people and supplies across rivers. Bandoola was an elephant famous for his strength and leadership of the other ginormous giants.


Sizes 0-3 M to 18-24 M

Phulia Plaid Button Hoodie

Phulia is a weaving village beside the Ganges River that makes fine cotton. Cotton is one of the top ten exported goods of India.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Bandhini Dot Baby Pants

This style is inspired by a tie-dye technique used in India for dyeing men's turbans and women's saris. The word bandana came from this specific skill, too!


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Tamsa Henley Bodysuit

The popular poet of Sanskrit literature, Valmiki, composed his epic piece "Ramayana" on the banks of the Tamsa River.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Love-Love Baby Tee

Love-love is a Japanese term meaning "to be in love," which is clearly the reason these pretty birds of a feather flock together.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Side Stripe Baby Pants

A sporty and sturdy style that's made for all-day play.



Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M