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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Sunning Sharks Swim Set

Ready for vacation? He will be with this set.


Sizes 2 to 12

Colorful Paisley Swim Set

Mix-and-match styles made for bright, sunshiny days.


Sizes 2 to 12

Manipal Surf Swim Set

These styles are great for spring break or any vacation involving a swimming pool.


Sizes 2 to 12

GFC Donation

GFC Donation


Sizes 5 to 10

Calico Deer Graphic Tee

This delightful deer is inspired by the classic children's book "The Calico Jungle," which is written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar. (Calico is also a popular quilting fabric in India.)


Sizes 2 to 12

Bangalore Peplum Top

This Very Tea print was inspired by the very cute artwork from the children's book "The Calico Jungle," which is written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar.


Sizes 2 to 12

Pop Stripe Bootcut Pants

Did you know that yoga originated in India? These pants have a yoga aesthetic that's perfect for active days of play.


Sizes 2 to 12

Bandar-log Reverse Applique Graphic Tee

The monkeys in Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book" stories are known as the Bandar-log. In Hindi, Bandar means "monkey" and log means "people." There are 13 different kinds of monkeys found in India. (Bananas, huh?)


Sizes 2 to 12

French Terry Cargo Pants

These pants make it easy for him to play all day. The elastic waist means his independence is never compromised. Pockets have plenty of room for all his finds. Soft cotton jersey lining at knee for durability.


Sizes 2 to 12

Forest Camo Ripstop Shorts

This print is inspired by the underbrush that's found in Indian forests.


Sizes 2 to 12

Stitch Society Madras Flare Tee

This style is inspired by Madras plaid we brought back from our trip.


Sizes 2 to 12

Slim Utility Pants

These handy-dandy pants will give her style through any adventure.


Sizes 2 to 12