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Black Mamba Tee

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Black Tights

Because you can never have too many tights.


Sizes 18-24 M

Fan Blossom Silk Tee

The pattern on this smooth and easy silk tee is our interpretation of the traditional woven fans of China.



Sizes XS to L

Bauhaus Bang Top

This timeless top is inspired by the art we saw at the Bauhaus Archive Museum in Berlin.



Sizes XS to XL

Old Soles High Edge Hi-Tops

Step up his style with these high top sneakers from Old Sole.




Purity Tee

This soft, long sleeve tee layers perfectly under all your outfits. Looks pretty cool alone, too. Heavy-duty stitching lasts for ages. (If this tee goes missing, check little sister's closet!)



Sizes 2 to 12

Yong Dragon Graphic Tee

We sometimes think of dragons as scary and fierce, however in Korean mythology, Yongs (dragons) are viewed as kind and compassionate creatures.



Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Vroom Vroom Graphic Tee

This travel graphic is inspired by Batik technique, which is used in various countries including Indonesia, Nigeria, China, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.



Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Paisley Melody Graphic Tee

Music really is the universal language. The guitar's original roots can be traced as far back as fifteenth-century Spain.



Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Yokohama Baseball Tee

Yokohama Stadium is a baseball park in Japan where the famous BayStars play their home games.



Sizes 2 to 12

Striped Purity Tee

As a layering piece or worn on its own, this striped tee is simply charming.



Sizes 2 to 12

Sundarbans Kantha Graphic Tee

This shirt is named for the Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. The park serves as a biospehere reserve and is also one of the largest reserves for the endangered Bengal Tiger.



Sizes 2 to 12

Calico Deer Graphic Tee

This delightful deer is inspired by the classic children's book "The Calico Jungle," which is written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar. (Calico is also a popular quilting fabric in India.)



Sizes 2 to 12

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