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Peppercorn Kids Butterfly Anklet

Worn as an anklet, this pretty butterfly instantly dresses up a casual pair of flip-flops. Wrapped around a bun, it's a great hair accessory. No matter how she wears it, she'll be looking fly!


Sizes One Size

Old Soles Park Shoe

Hand-crafted from 100% soft leather, allowing for movement and the natural development of growing feet.



Bindi Tankini Top

A bindi is a decorative mark some Indian women wear on their foreheads. This poppy print is made up of small marks that remind us of the bindi stands we saw on the side of the road in India.


Sizes 2 to 12

Chahna Peplum Top

Chahna is an Indian girl's name that means "love." Our love for paisley inspired us to create this pretty petalled print.



Sizes 2 to 12

Ribbed Tank Top

This tank top is just the thing for spring.



Sizes 2 to 12

Amer Palace Notch Top

Moatha Lake is in front of the grand Amer Palace (also known as Amer Fort). On many days the lake projects a mirror image of the palace, and so the spot is known as a place where many go to make a wish in hopes that it will come true.



Sizes 2 to 12

Kerala Notch Top

The floral print on this top is inspired by vintage fabric we found in India and is named for one of its southern states.



Sizes 2 to 12

Manipal Surf Tankini Top

Manipal is a town on the southwestern coast of India by the Arabian Sea. There are several surf clubs there, including the Shaka Surf Shack and the Ashram Surf Retreat.


Sizes 2 to 12

Shining Siya Embroidered Top

This style is named for the wife of Lord Rama in Indian mythology. The embroidery is inspired by the many marvelous palaces we saw on our travels.



Sizes 2 to 12

Mysore Palace Shimmer Top

The Mysore Palace is located in the state of Karnataka. After the Taj Mahal, it's the most popular palace in India. Many people travel from all over the world to take a peek at its ornate appearance and see the tiger that's made completely of bronze!



Sizes 2 to 12

Anjali Embroidered Top

The embroidery on this top is inspired by the intricate hand-stitched designs on kantha quilts.



Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Pure Padma Top

The lotus graphic on this top is inspired by pottery we saw in India. The lotus is the national flower of the country.



Sizes 3-6 M to 4

There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.