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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Voyager Stripe Leggings

These leggings have just right amount of stretch and match all her favorite dresses.



Sizes 2 to 12

Anika Floral Leggings

Anika is an Indian girl's name that means "grace." This elegant paisley design is woodblock inspired.



Sizes 2 to 12

Bandhini Dot Leggings

This style is inspired by a tie-dye technique used in India for dyeing men's turbans and women's saris. The word bandana came from this specific skill, too!



Sizes 2 to 12

Bagha Tiger Leggings

Bagha means "tiger" in Bengali. These bold leggings let her show off her wild side, plus they look extra fierce mixed with our other India-inspired prints!



Sizes 2 to 12