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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Fröhlich Baby Hat

Frölich means "merry." A perfect name for this cheery and cozy wee hat.


Sizes One Size

Fröhlich Zig Zag Baby Blanket

Frölich means "merry." This soft blanket is meant to keep baby merry and cozy all winter long


Sizes One Size

Scalloped Sweater Scarf

A halstuch (hals-tooch) is a scarf. We saw so many scarves on people in all areas of Germany, we thought it only right to create our own.


Sizes One Size

Geometrisch Scarf

We saw so many women in Germany wearing scarves to accessorize their outfits, so we made this one for you with modern geometric shapes.


Sizes One Size

Tickle Your Toes Shoe laces

Coordinate your child's shoes with colorful shoelaces that will match all of their Tea outfits. (Guaranteed to tickle their toes.)


Sizes One Size

Peppercorn Bowtie

This bowtie brings a cute, but sophisticated style to any Tea top in true Peppercorn fashion.


Sizes One Size

Peppercorn Kids Knit Scarf

Warm up this winter with this classic knitted scarf form Peppercorn. (And check out the matching mittens.)


Sizes One Size

Peppercorn Jewel Headband

This jeweled headband is a gem of a find.


Sizes One Size

This is Munich

Take a trip to the Bavarian capital city, Munich, storybook style, through bright and bold pictures with facts and commentary, too.


Sizes One Size

Peppercorn Kids Pom Pom

This hair tie feels very stylish, which makes us feel very happy.


Sizes One Size

Hazel Village Reginald Fox

Reginald, the friendly fox is safe for all little ones because he's embroidered and super soft. He's from the woodland world of Hazel Village.


Sizes One Size

Hazel Village Nicholas Bear

Meet Nicholas. This little guy is beary cute and is from the woodland world of Hazel Village. He's soft enough to make a nice companion for your little citizen.


Sizes One Size