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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Patagonia Baby Down Vest

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Eden Gardens Sweater Vest

Eden Gardens is a cricket ground in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and it was first played in the country in 1848.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Lotus Palace Baby Dress

The lotus is a sacred flower in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism that often symbolizes divine beauty and purity. The distinctive flower grows from mud and unfolds one petal at a time. This print is inspired by the beauty we see in the unforgettable, unfolding flower.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Slim Baby Chinos

An easy-to-match style with room for diapers, too.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Chira Smocked Baby Dress

Chira was the name of our guide in Delhi. The print on this delightful dress is inspired by woodblocking prints that Chira introduced us to.


Sizes 0-3 M to 6-12 M

Baby Leggings 3-Pack

These adorable leggings will start her off on the right foot. Click on style names below for details:


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Baby Ganesha Graphic Tee

Ganesha is the god of beginnings and is almost always honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies in India.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Sarvika Baby Harem Pants

Sarvika is an Indian girl's name that means "universal." We saw lots of kids in India wearing a similar style, so we know it's universally cute.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Lehariya Baby Leggings

The sweet chevron pattern on these leggings is a nod to the wavy lines (known as lehariya) that are often worn on clothing during monsoon season.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Kavi Striped Baby Cardigan

Kavi is an Indian boy's name that means "a wise man." This charming cardigan is a wise choice on chilly days.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Baby Bengal Graphic Tee

There are more than 40 tiger reserves in India dedicated to protecting the Bengal Tiger, which is in danger of becoming extinct. (But the good news is the Indian tiger population has increased 57% since 2006!)


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Indra Dobby Baby Shirt

In Indian mythology, Indra is a god who's in charge of storms and war. Since he rides a white elephant and invented drinking water, we thought it only right to honor him by naming this shirt after him.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

Diwali Embroidered Baby Shorts

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, celebrated every autumn. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, and it involves fireworks, lots of lamp lighting and family feasts.


Sizes 3-6 M to 4

There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.