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globally inspired children's clothes
for little citizens of the world

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Waldblumen Graphic Twirl Top

Waldblumen (wald-bloomen) means "forest flowers." In the Bavarian Forest National Park, there's an oval-shaped 144-foot wooded walkway that allows visitors to walk up and observe great sights from tall heights.


Sizes 2 to 12

Dagmar Dots Trapeze Top

Dagmar means "glorious day" in German. This top is inspired by the glorious days of Bauhaus.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Bauhaus Baby Elephant Top

This sweet little elephant is made of bold Bauhaus-inspired shapes.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Bauhaus Baby Bear Top

The textile work of the women of Bauhaus inspired this bashful bear.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Kaninchen Graphic Baby Top

The German Giant is a breed of bunny that can grow as large as 17-pounds. We made this sweet kaninchen (bunny) smaller for your little one.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Bauhaus Bang Top

This timeless top is inspired by the art we saw at the Bauhaus Archive Museum in Berlin.


Sizes XS to XL

Katarina Floral Peplum Top

This top was named after Katarina Witt, the Olympic gold-medal-winning figure skater.


Sizes 2 to 12

Riesenblume Peplum Top

Riesenblume (reason-blooma) means "giant flower." The giant flower print on this top was inspired by cornflowers, the national flower of Germany.


Sizes 2 to 12

Chriselda Plaid Flannel Top

Chriselda is a German girl's name meaning "strong." This shirt is strong enough to withstand days full of play.


Sizes 3-6 M to 12

Winifred Plaid Flannel Top

Winifred is a German girl's name that means "peaceful friend."


Sizes 3-6 M to 12

Wiesenblumen Sateen Top

Wiesenblumen (vhy-sen-bloomen) means "meadow flowers." Bavaria has many flower fields, and the mix of colors in the meadows looks marvelous from near or afar.


Sizes 3-6 M to 18-24 M

Havaianas Top Mix

Havianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury and positive energy. And their tri-color flip-flops have all that in spades.