Shopping for Girl’s Fashion 101

Not sure how to shop for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or best friend’s kid? Our Tea Collection designers have some tips for what to look for – and what to avoid.

Girls New Arrivals

Mixing and Matching

Let a kid pick out their own outfit, and they’ll let it fly. Maybe that dress is soft. Maybe those leggings look like rainbows. Maybe those boots stomp through mud puddles! Whatever they’re thinking, they certainly don’t worry about matching. At Tea, we’re all about the mix. We design our styles to mix AND match in infinite ways. Some people call this “kid-proof style.” We call it kids fashion.

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Dresses and Leggings

Which leggings match the dress? This is probably our most frequently asked question. Gray, denim-like, or blue leggings go with every girl’s dress. Or choose a legging to match the base color (which is the color name on each dress page). Or try the suggested items in the “Looks Good With” part of the dress page. But feel free to follow your creativity! We are obsessed with colors and hues and tones, so you almost can’t go wrong.

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Girls Leggings
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Matching her Personality

Maybe a striped legging with a graphic floral print dress isn’t right for Mom, but it might be just right for your girl. Does she love flowers? Pair that beautiful, bright, floral dress with a fun pair of striped leggings. Does she coo over critters? Find a tunic tee with an animal story. Is she into little toys and details? Look for a smaller scale print dress. She is her own kid. Her clothes should express that to the world.

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Shortcut: Sets!

Our team has hand-picked sets for you. Everyday Playsets or holiday outfit sets or any occasion sets. Our stylists have not only selected just the right items, they have worked with our designers to create these endless outfit combinations from the very beginning. Our mix and match sets give you versatility and outfits for days.

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