Finding the Perfect Girl’s Party Dresses

‘Tis the moment to sparkle, shine and twirl. Let Tea Collection designers help you find the perfect girl’s dresses for the party, the portrait, the holiday, and the special occasion.

Girls Holiday Dresses

Girl’s Party Dresses

Girl’s Christmas dresses. Easter dresses. Formal dresses. Any-old-holiday dresses. Birthday dresses! She wants ruffles! Sparkles! And a lotta TWIRL TWIRL TWIRL. Meanwhile, you want her to be comfortable, in washable fabrics that move with her. In colors, patterns, and embroidery that are just as one-of-a-kind as she is. You want style with a story behind it, and quality you can hand down to her little sister. This what you’ll get with every girl’s dress we design at Tea Collection.

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Dresses for Family Photos

If it’s a school photo, pick a dress that suits her personality. Look for saturated colors that translate well on camera. And consider the style – that dress should feel special now and look timeless in 20 years. If it’s a family photo, start with a common color – navy or black are safe bets. Then add a jewel tone for a bit of pop. Pick a hue that suits your family’s personality and skin tone. Then coordinate so the outfits feel connected to each other. Tea Collection makes this easy with shared patterns and colors for all our clothes.

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Girls Dresses