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Jackie Majerus

Jackie runs Youth Journalism International, an award-winning non-profit based in West Hartford that works with teens across the world (including Afghanistan, Egypt, Canada, South Korea, Italy and countless other countries) to create unbiased on-the-ground news.
When her non-profit began the reporters only covered news in one Central Connecticut town, yet now, almost 10 years later, writers are now report on a variety of topics, such as the Arab Uprising and teaching tolerance.
Jackie donated her $1000 to her non-profit she created, Youth Journalism International.

Amanda Buttery

Amanda has always strived to make a difference, beginning when she was a college student by tutoring at-risk youth and coaching a middle school soccer team made up of mostly lower-income students.
As a young teacher, she started a sports program for special needs students and was consistently their mentor. Before she got married, she spent a summer teaching and coaching underprivileged kids in Honduras and undeniably helping those global kids.
Amanda donated her $1000 to COPA (Community Partners Inc) in the Dominican Republic.

Iliah Grant

Iliah is presently in Laos with her 2 children where she is staying with a local family, teaching English. We were inspired by Iliah because she is globally minded, and truly believes that raising "little citizens of the world" is her calling.
When visiting a new country or city, it is her goal to learn how the locals live and to embrace the culture with her children whole-heartedly. She is not afraid to ask questions, share herself, and really empathizes with each person she meets. This rubs right off on to her girls, who love and accept others.
Iliah donated her $1000 to Timbali Crafts, which is a non-profit in Swaziland helping women artisans make crafts to sustain themselves and feed over 2500 kids.

Liz Gumbinner

Liz is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks. She is a nationally recognized expert on parenting trends, gear, technology, and culture.

Ali Wing

Ali is the Founder and CEO of wiggle. She also is the author of countless articles on leading parenting sites and is greatly involved in a variety of community organizations.

Jeannine Harvey

Jeannine Harvey is the leader of the ONE Moms Campaign, which encourages moms to spread awareness for the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease.

Marie Muscardini

Marie is an early Childhood Development teacher who is deeply invovled in her academic community, she is also a DIY crafter and loves to make handmade projects with her kids!

Stella Ma

Stell is the Co-Founder of Little Passports, a monthly subscription company that introduces your child to the world through fun activities and great learning resources.

Caren McCormack

Caren is the President and Co-Founder of Kilgoris Project, a non-profit that feeds and educates children in a remote Kenyan village.