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January 31, 2014

School Days Spring 2014

Keep track of your organization’s process! All information below will be updated by 12PM (PST) each day with the previous days information. And, keep in mind… We’re donating an additional $100 to five schools for the following:

School Days Supreme // The organization with the highest sale total.

World-Class Improvement // The most improved organization, this means you’ve participated in the past.

Finest First Timer // Think of it as, Rookie of the Year. Highest sale total for an organization that’s never participated in our School Days program before.

School Days C.E.O – Crazy Excellent Orders // The organization with the most orders placed.

Best in Class Promoter // The organization with the most creative marketing.

January 30, 2014

Passport to Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

 Each month Studio T  features one of our retailers.  This month we caught up with the lovely couple behind Sweet Pea in Traverse City, Michigan!

Sweet Pea

How did you decide to take the leap and open your own store? How long has your store been in business?

We were looking for a change in lifestyle that would allow us more flexibility. Retail was something we knew and a children’s store was what we felt was needed in our downtown. It was an easy decision! We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this May!

What is something that your customers would be surprised to learn about you?

That we do not spend any time stressing about our Tea orders! We have an awesome rep and the brand sells itself! We love the line and find it to be our easiest and most profitable line we carry.

What is your favorite part of your day at the store?

We both agree that it is in the morning when the store isn’t open yet. There is time to go through everything and it is quiet!

Sweet Pea

We know how special and unique all of our stores are, what makes your store unique?

We have a great Facebook following and a strong community that believes in shopping local. We are both pretty laid back with running the store which keeps the atmosphere fun! We have an awesome downtown with numerous festivals and activities bringing thousands of people to us!

At Tea, we “Go There”, how do you share in that mission at your store and/or in your life?

Our store was a “risk”, but the reward has been worth it! Don’t be afraid to “go there” because you only get one chance at life :)

What is the biggest trend you see right now in either shopping or kid’s fashion? What are people coming in for?

People enjoy spending money on their kids. They want quality clothing, shoes, toys etc. and we are constantly making sure that we are offering that to our customer.

Sweet Pea

What do you do in your “spare” time?

Our spare time is spent with our kids! We enjoy traveling with them or taking advantage of beautiful Northern Michigan! We really try to make sure there is separation from the store and our family.

How do you balance it all? What tricks can you offer us?

Jeff and I each have different “duties” we are responsible for at the store. It can be hard to run a business as husband and wife when you both want to be the “boss”. But when each of our job descriptions are different then that works smoothly for us!

Sweet Pea Owners



It’s a Chinese New Year Giveaway!

Barefoot Books

In the Chinese culture, 8 is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers there is. It’s pronounced ‘Ba’ which sounds very similar to the word ‘Fa’, which means to make good fortune. Did you know that the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics began on 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm local time? In honor of the Lunar New Year tomorrow, we’ve partnered with Barefoot Books to give you the chance to win $88 to Tea and your choice of 8 Barefoot Books.

Which books would you choose? With such a wonderful offering, we know it’s hard to choose! One of our favorites is The Great Race; the excitement-filled story is followed by notes on the Chinese calendar, important Chinese holidays, and a chart outlining the animal signs based on birth years.

The Great Race

With this beautifully illustrated chart, you can help your little one discover which animal’s year they were born in, making the book a bit more personal. If you’re a fan of Barefoot Books, be sure to check out their Ambassador Program – they’re running a special on registration that ends January 31st!

Enter now for the chance to win $88 to Tea and 8 Barefoot Books!

January 23, 2014

Destination: Morocco

Emily Meyer in MoroccoMorocco is a land of such color and wonder, you begin to expect a bit of magic around every corner.

Amazingly intricate tiling on walls and walkways in Fes. Bold, mod-flavored fabrics hanging all over Marrakech medina. Delicately embroidered jellabas and tripod Berber wraps. Audaciously exuberant art by contemporary artists like Hassan Hajjaj.

We were completely entranced. So we brought it all home to you in pop florals, bold shapes, mod tile motifs and delightful color combinations.

Every thread of our new collection was inspired by the magic of Morocco. Go there with us!

January 20, 2014

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons in Custom Tea at Golden Globes and SAG Awards

Awards season is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited to see Tea on the red carpet! Aubrey Anderson-Emmons attended both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards shows in one-of-a-kind custom Tea Collection dresses. Congratulations to the entire cast of Modern Family for their SAG win, ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series’, the award was much deserved. Aubrey is the youngest SAG winner and she’s now won three years in a row!

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Golden Globes

Months ago, we sent Aubrey sketches of several different design options for the award shows. She chose her two favorites, a modern drop-waist dress in pink duchesse satin with Swarovski crystal accents and a modern shift dress in a two-tone iridescent satin in orchid with two tiers of cascading ruffles draped across the bodice. We got to work!

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons SAG Awards 2014

We were thrilled to hear the announcement of Pantone’s color of the year; Radiant Orchid. With purple as one of her favorite colors, she was ahead of the trend! Aubrey held her own on the red carpet amongst award show veterans. Congratulations again on the win, Aubrey – What an exciting two weeks!

Pantone Color of the Year - Orchid


January 17, 2014

You Shop. We Donate.

Spring 2014 School Days

It’s that time again! You shop and we donate. Any 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization can participate. Last day for applications is February 13th.

Learn more here:

Things we found and want to share from this past week:

Have you ever tried Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs?

Let’s make being happy and healthy a priority.

An effective message with beautiful illustrations, The Sandwich Swap is new favorite bedtime book.

Go back to the basics with these wooden toys for the little ones.

We’re headed to ALT SLC next week where Emily will be speaking. Will we see you there? 

January 13, 2014

San Juan del Sur; A Beautiful Fishing Village

To help everyone at Tea “go there,” we make a yearly contribution to each employee for international travel and exploration. Upon their return, our Tea travelers write blog posts to share their adventures with all of us (and the world).

Katy and Laura, two of our design veterans here at Tea, traveled to Nicaragua for sun, surf and sand.

We had no plans for Thanksgiving and after another summerless year in San Francisco, a tropical holiday sounded like just what we needed. We both had been hearing a lot of great things about Nicaragua so we decided why not? We planned a brief but action filled four day trip.

San Juan Del Sur

Day 1:

We arrived in Managua and drove two hours to San Juan del Sur, a beautiful fishing village forty minutes north of the Costa Rican border. The town is surrounded by lush volcanic mountains. There are several well-known surf breaks nearby.


We settled into our hotel, had our first rum (Flor de Cana) and coke and signed up for that evening’s sailing trip.


Day 2:

We started our day with an early morning yoga class in a treehouse with cool breezes off the Pacific. We assumed we were in for a nice relaxing morning, but we happened upon a very challenging class that kicked our butts. After waddling back to our hotel we relaxed in one of our hotel’s three infinity pools. As we were sipping our pina coladas in our swimsuits, a Nicaraguan television reporter and crew asked us to be interviewed. Kara, Laura’s sister, gladly obliged.

Pool Side

Day 3:

We jumped into the back of a pick up truck with five other novice surfers and headed to Hermosa Beach, a long, white, sandy cove with perfect beginner waves and crystal blue water. That crystal blue, warm water also attracts many stingrays and jellyfish. Our surf instructor started our surf lesson by teaching us the “stingray shuffle” – our new favorite dance. As soon as he said stingray –Katy thought Laura would run for the hills but she braved it and landed her very first pop up!

Nicaragua Surf

After swallowing a few liters of salt water we decided to rehydrate at the beach bar where we ran into some friends we met at our hotel, including the international sea bean collecting champion. Don’t know what sea beans are? We didn’t either but we got some excellent field based learning.

sea-beans Day 4:

We hired a driver to take us inland to Mumbacho Volcano. He spoke no English, we spoke barely any Spanish but got some good practice. We had some very amusing “conversations”. We took a moderate (hard) hike through the cloud forests (literally we were in a cloud on top of a lush volcano). Everything was wet and super slippery. We ended the day with a few bruises but the monkeys, butterflies and amazing views of Lake Nicargua made it all worth it.




January 10, 2014

Tea in the Press

December 2013 Press Credits for Tea Collection

 Shop the Peace Stripe Cardigan on sale now!

Things we found and want to share from this past week:

Spice up your usual party mix with these Honey Roasted Moroccan Spice Cashews.

These zig-zag leggings have quickly become a fan favorite – Grab them while you can!

Explore San Francisco like a local; The tea team is sharing their favorite spots around the city.

We love Moomah’s ideas for volunteering with your children…

Do your little ones have ‘Dream Friends’?

January 8, 2014

Sayulita: Culture, Exploration and Family

To help everyone at Tea “go there,” we make a yearly contribution to each employee for international travel and exploration. Upon their return, our Tea travelers write blog posts to share their adventures with all of us (and the world).

Cristina , who helps create beautiful product (with exceptional fit!) here at Tea, spent a week in quite Sayulita, Mexico with her family.

Our family was in need of a vacation (not having taken one since before our daughter was born). It was important to us that we went somewhere we could relax, yet share with our daughter a little culture and sense of exploration. We settled on Sayulita, Mexico an eclectic beach and surfing village with exceptional people, arts, activities and culinary offerings.


A 45 minute scenic jungle drive along the Pacific coastline from the Puerto Vallarta takes you into Sayulita.   The small town consists of 3 to 4 main streets all centered on the village square with a striking church.  All destinations are within a few minutes walk to the beach.  The city is full of wildlife, especially iguanas.

Sayulita, Mexico via Tea Collection's Studio T

The landscape of the village is stunning with cobblestone roads, colorful houses and aging patina everywhere.  All of the houses had thatched roofs and palapa open air verandas.   We stayed up the hill from the city center; after one trip navigating the steep hill with our toddler we realized we needed another mode of transportation.  We rented a golf cart! The golf cart is Sayulita’s choice of transportation due to its small size and resource needs.  Our daughter loved riding on the back with her grandmother.

Sayulita, Mexico via Tea Collectino's Studio T

Our morning walks would usually take us to ChocoBanana for yogurt and granola or a smoothie.  Another favorite was El Espresso for huevos a la Mexicana, coffee and a mango smoothie.  Then off to the beach, yoga or a hike!

Sayulita, Mexico

The beaches are beautiful; you could either head out to the main beach off the city center or explore a more remote destination.  The main beach offered beach chairs with shade umbrellas from beachside restaurants which included food and drink service. This busy location provided much activity with good surf, fishing and many beach patrons.   Another nice location was Playa de Los Muertos on the south end of town and usually frequented by locals for swimming with low surf and riptides. You had to search to find it but were greeted with dramatic views and a colorful cemetery at its entrance.  We walked around awing at the beauty of the memorials.

Sayulita Beach via Tea Collection's Studio T

Sayulita has a few yoga spots but a favorite for the location, studio and talented teachers was Pariseo Yoga.  Nara the owner and the other instructors are very gifted providing challenging yet relaxing classes with modifications and tips on how to better your practice.  I highly recommend joining Nara and crew on the mat.

Yoga in Sayulita, Mexico via Tea Collection's Studio T

The village was sprinkled with shops of artisans, surf shops and small boutique clothing shops.  We came across many talented artists of different styles creating traditional Mexican clothing, jewelry, colorfully fabrics and hand crafted folk artifacts. We loved speaking with the individual artisans about their crafts and learning their process. Tallulah enjoyed watching them create and seeing the animal inspired hand crafts.

Food Stand in Sayulita, Mexico via Tea Collection's Studio T

At dusk the town square turned into a large social gathering for the locals and gave the children an opportunity to play in the cooling temperatures. The local children would bring bikes and scooters to ride around.  Our daughter enjoyed joining in on the fun and we enjoyed taking in communal feeling of the village.

Kids Centro, Mexico

On the last day we adventured by boat touring Marietas Island and other sea side attractions.  Once at the island you could either swim or kayak to the beach.  The beach was only accessible through a rock sea tunnel.  The water was crystal clear and full of sea life.  My husband and I were able to do a little snorkeling while our daughter played with grandma on the beach.

Marietas - Sayulita, Mexico via Tea Collection's Studio T

This vacation gave us the opportunity to share a little bit more of the world with our daughter and my mother.  As a family it is very important us that we broaden our perspectives together while adventuring and learning about the world we live in.  My hope is that through our travels we will all learn how to fully embrace life while on the road and home.