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Alaina Kaz and the editors at
share their favorite outfits from our Mexico-
inspired spring collection. Shop now and get the
kids photo-ready for every occasion!

Perfect Pairs

Twirl Talk

Easy-On Style

Tropical Treats

Globally Inspired
Designs, Hand-Drawn
in San Francisco

One & Done

Sweet Dreams

  • What Everyone’s Loving

    “These are hands down the best shorts -
    EVER! I wait every season and buy all the
    colors. They are a staple here. Sturdy and
    ready for play - hard play too. I haven't
    had a pair fall apart yet; 6 years of
    playwear and counting! Thanks Tea!”


    Shop Playwear Shorts

  • What Everyone’s Loving

    “We can dress this up or down, and
    I’m not going to be able to stop our
    girl from wanting to play in it—which
    is okay by me because it’s durable,
    well-made, and washes up nicely!”


    Shop Wrap Neck Dresses

  • What Everyone’s Loving

    “I’ve been getting Tea swimwear
    since my daughter was 4 and the
    quality is so much better than
    anything else out there. Cut is stylish
    yet gives coverage even when she’s
    doing backflips into the lake.
    HIGHLY recommend.”


    Shop Rash Guards

Welcome to the World

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10% of profits.

Since 2002, we’ve donated
over $1.5 million to the
Global Fund for Children
and other organizations
that ensure a better world
for kids everywhere.

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