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kids in TEA clothes kids in TEA clothes

Our Ethical

Sourcing Practices

Respect for all people in all cultures is a cornerstone of our company, whether we’re traveling the world in search of inspiration for our clothing collection or hiring a manufacturing partner to actually make the clothes in that collection.

We follow ethical sourcing practices so we can all feel good about our global impact. We are mindful of our presence in the world and our responsibility to those around us.

While we can't be in every factory all the time, we are incredibly diligent to ensure that our partners around the globe follow the highest possible standards. We have no tolerance for anything unlawful or even slightly questionable.


rewear™ collective by kidizen

 Tea is proud to be an official member of the Kidizen REWEAR™ Collective which supports the creation and reuse of quality goods—encouraging consumers to purchase high-quality products that last well beyond the use of just one family when shopping ‘new’.

2 girls in TEA clothes