for little citizens of the world™

Meet Emily & Leigh

The two moms who bonded over a love of travel
and then founded the brand called Tea.

Emily Meyer
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Responsible for all things that we touch, feel and see

GREW UP: Boerne, Texas, with enormous oak trees around the property (chickens & sheep, too)
SCHOOL: Parsons School of Design, New York
SOUL SEARCHING TIME: A year in Paris, studying French and art history
BEFORE TEA: Designed for Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Gymboree and Esprit
TRAVEL: Abroad. Sometimes Hawaii.
INSPIRATION: Clement, 5. Cracks himself up.
Georgia, 3. Cracks everyone else up. Hilton, for a lifetime.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Riding bikes (with family) to the park for a picnic; trip to the beach for surf & sand
SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Alameda flea market or Asian Art Museum
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Visits from NaNa, the globe-hopping grandma
Leigh Rawdon
CEO & Co-Founder
Responsible for people and money, and for making the world go 'round

GREW UP: Memphis, Tennessee
SCHOOL: B.A. in English from Davidson College and MBA from Harvard
TRAVEL: Yes, as often as possible
INSPIRATION: Adam, 7. Loves chess and baseball. Matthew, 5. Constant source of entertainment.
WHERE TO NEXT: Off to Barcelona with my boys, inspired by the Tea Catalonia collection
TEACH KIDS ABOUT THE WORLD: Convince them to eat sushi (chopsticks can be a challenge)
TEACH OTHER KIDS ABOUT BUSINESS: I mentor Stanford MBA students on their startup ideas. No chopsticks involved.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Kitchen island, friends and family, good food and wine, kids making a huge mess
SUNDAY: Cleaning up the big mess then taking the kids to the village for ice cream


That's why everyone who works here receives an annual international travel
allowance. To hear about their journeys, visit