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fundraise with
school days

Join the program that has generated
over $350,000
for schools and
non-profits around the country.

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At Tea Collection, we make clothes to spark
curiosity, connection and community. We created
Fundraise with School Days to support schools
and organizations across the country who are
doing the same - making their communities a
welcome place for inspired little citizens.

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Our next fundraiser is
October 8th–15th

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  • FAQ
  • How do I enroll in the fundraiser?
    Click on the 'SIGN UP' button above and enter your
    organization's details. Note: You must be in the U.S. and
    certified as a 501(c)(3) organization to participate. If you have
    your Employer Identification Number (EIN) handy, then you're
    ready to roll!

    Don’t have your EIN number on hand? Click 'LEARN MORE' to fill
    out the basics and we’ll get in touch.
  • How does it work?
    Once you're in, we'll reach out a month before the fundraiser
    with a unique promo code and marketing materials for
    you to share
    with your community, family and friends.

    During the week-long fundraiser period, shoppers will shop and enter your unique promo code at
    checkout to
    get 15% off their order along with free 6-10 day
    shipping, AND at the
    end Tea will donate 15% of your total sales
    to your school!
  • Do I get a discount when I enroll?
    Yep! As a thank you for signing up, you will receive $15 towards
    your next purchase.
  • How can I help make the fundraiser successful for my school?
    To help get the word out, we’ll provide you with branded
    materials you can customize and print with your unique promo
    code. These include postcards, flyers, Facebook assets and

    A shout-out in your school newsletter, a reminder at parent
    pick-up, and a little friendly fundraising competition among
    classrooms are some other great ways to spread the word!

    The organization with the most creative marketing will win
    additional $100 donation from Tea!
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"We are so grateful for this fundraiser
(easiest one we've tried!)."

Pittsburgh Montessori PTA

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"Thanks for making this fundrasier easy
for a first
time participant! The funds
we raised are going
toward building a
new playground for our little,
blue ribbon elementary school."

Baker Elementary School


How it Works

Get ready to fundraise
October 8th - 15th

Once you’re signed up and verified,
we’ll provide you with a unique promo code
and marketing materials that you can share
with your community, friends and family.

For one week, they'll have the chance to shop Tea at 15%
off, plus free shipping (6 -10 business days). Tea will
donate 15% of those sales back to your community.

Interested in participating? Fill in your details
and we'll be in touch with the next steps!

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