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Guidelines for Reviews

Hello! Since product reviews are pretty new to our website, let’s go over a few guidelines for how Tea reviews work.

Our customer care employees are our official review regulators. They work hard to make sure all content that goes up on our site is not only friendly and appropriate, but will help out fellow Tea fans with their own purchases. Unfortunately, there are times where we do have to decline posting certain reviews because of inappropriate content.

Check out our guidelines below to make sure your review gets posted on

  • TO DOS:
    • Write only about the item you’ve purchased and provide useful information for other customers.
    • Tell us what you (and your little citizen) love about it. Or, if there’s something you don’t like, tell us that, too.
    • Focus on your own experience with the item.
    • Don’t infringe on anyone’s personal rights, violate the law or use anything that seems inappropriate in any way in your review.
    • Don’t include any personal information that could be used to identify you or someone else.
    • Don’t comment on personal details shared in someone else’s review. (Let’s be good citizens to each other, too.)
    • Don’t promote any other websites, businesses, services or products that are not Tea, please and thanks!

All reviews that are posted on are the subjective opinions of our Tea community (and are not our own opinions or endorsed by us.)

If you come across a review or response that seems very unlike Tea or out of the ordinary, please reach out to our customer care team right away!

Thank you so much and we hope to be hearing from you soon about your newest Tea purchase.