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Playwear Set



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3.5 Rating 3 Stars 12 reviews 3.5 12
Rating 2 Stars 2

Poor quality, get holes easily

These are not well made. With not very much use, they already have holes around or above the knees to the point that they are unsightly. My son is not overly rough, and even so these pants couldn't hold up. It's a shame, because they fit well, but the quality is just not up to par with other Tea products.


Rating 3 Stars 3

Fit like a dream - But got hole in the knee so soon

I bought two pairs size 8 for my skinny 8 year old and they fit like a dream. And we LOVE these pants, super comfy and go with everything but for some reason he fell once while playing and got a hole in the knee on one pair. It's doubled layer and the hole is only in the outer layer, but still looks quite raggedy. Such a shame made so thin. And total bummer because I was thinking of buying the third color but I'm so paranoid they won't last.


Rating 2 Stars 2

Great fit but wears easily

I love the way these pants fit and how soft and comfy they are but unfortunately they do not last long. I have bought them in multiple sizes over the past 3 years (my son is 4 now) and every pair has holes in the knees and crotch. I'm looking for something that fits the same but holds up better.


Rating 5 Stars 5


I actually love these pants and have been buying them for my son since he was a preschooler (he's now 9). These have a perfect slim fit, always fit great in the waist, and most importantly, HE loves them. Super easy everyday pants.


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