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20 Years of Tea

We’re celebrating 20 years of travel,
globally influenced design, and
inspiring a sense of
adventure in
kids. Keep an eye out for special
capsule collections, customer
stories, and beloved
styles that we're
re-issuing from some of our favorite
destinations. Come explore with us!

20 years of tea

We Go There: The Mediterranean

From a rocky island in Greece to a
sunken city along the Nile,
adventure was
around every corner.
We walked sandy beaches, feasted
on feta, and discovered a
grove of
centuries old olive trees. Every sun-
baked day held a new adventure.

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Global Shop

Sunwashed pastels and sea-deep
blues play
nicely with our iconic and
sought after camel
and citrus prints
—dresses, tees, rompers and
are all ready for warm weather fun.

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Explore and shop favorites from
Mediterranean collection
(and more!), while
doing your
part to help the environment by
buying pre-loved styles.

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